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(original text  ┌|∵|┘)

"please rewrite it with electronic and robotic arts references "


Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Yo, Concordia Fine Arts Fam! 🎧🤖 

Say wassup to HASEASA! That's "Ha, c'est ça" for all our Francophone homies. But if you're looking for the 411, it stands for Hardware and Software Electronic Arts Student Association. 

So, who are we? Picture your Arduino squad and your Raspberry Pi crew having a baby—that's us! We're for anyone who's vibing with Electronic and Robotic Arts in the Faculty of Fine Arts. We're all about meshing circuits and creativity, because let's face it, interdisciplinary collabs are where the magic happens. 

Ready to hit 'Join' yet? 🤙 

We're on the hunt for our very own campus maker space—a spot to solder, code, 3D print, or just vibe. No cap, we need numbers to make it a reality. So if you're down to tinker and mingle, we've got a seat saved just for you. 

Hold on to your VR headsets for 2023-2024: we're queuing up next-level artist talks and workshops, featuring everything from e-textiles to algorithmic music. Plus, an end-of-year expo to showcase your dopest projects—think of it as your GitHub but IRL. 

Catch ya in the matrix! 🎮✨ 

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