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Hardware and Software Electronic Arts Student Association


Hey there 🤖 

Meet HASEASA, "Ha, c'est ça" if you're vibing in French.

We're the crew that's got the backs of all you Electronic and Robotic Arts peeps in the Faculty of Fine Arts. We're all about building a tight Electronic Arts community and we're big fans of interdisciplinary and collaboration - it's the secret sauce to a better future.

Hear us out, we need YOU to become a member. 🚨

We're on a quest to snag some prime campus real estate — a hub where we can grind on projects, securely stash that precious gear, and, you know, vibe. But here's where you come in: the most of us there are, the louder our collective voice to lock down that space. So, fill out that membership form and let's turn this dream into a 4K reality.

Peek at what's cooking for 2023-2024: we've got some really cool artists lined up, workshops that welcome all skill levels, a can't miss conference, and an exhibition exclusively featuring our members.

Want to connect? Stay in the loop by joining our Discord and following us on Instagram. For a look at our past events, just swing by our website.

Catch ya on the flip side! 🎮✌️

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